We are not traditional investment bankers or advisors. We work with businesses from the inside, with a deep understanding of your business, and assist you with the process of finding the right people who can understand your value proposition. We prepare the business and regulatory plans, investor materials, and tap into our networks to find the right investors for your company. These people are normally outside the reach of investment banks and VCs. There are many sources of creative and alternative funding and with a market-aligned strategy and preparation, we can tap into our network of investors and strategic acquirers to locate the best sources for you.

Our process includes an active role, typically Director, Chairman or C-level executive. Additionally, we require an equity position, that vests over a two-year period, and a monthly stipend upon successful closing of the first round. Well funded companies that only need a boost may engage for just a monthly fee. If your technology blows us away, we are able to make direct investments.

In some cases, the best solution may be to sell or license your technology. In this case, we handle the sell side elements of attracting/negotiating the buyers/licensors. We are paid upon success of the acquisition.


Finding and Acquiring companies of advanced technologies often requires significant support to source new technologies, evaluate the technical, clinical, and market claims, and integrate the acquired technology. Most of these activities are a time consuming distraction. ROG has the right people to facilitate this process to maximize the value of the acquisition.


We have developed and refined our Entrepreneur’s Boot Camp over many years. First showcased as the AdvaMed Entrepreur’s Boot Camp, the program has become highly refined and held in the US, Japan, and Europe. For EDO clusters, we use a round table format which consists of both training for participants and real time review of member companies business plans, strategy, go to market plans, reimbursement, and regulatory strategy. Each company gets actionable feedback and guidance that can mean the difference be success and failure. EDO’s underwrite the event and pick their top member companies for participation. Ten companies or fewer are best.

Individual coaching and mentoring is available for established CEO’s as well as those just considering a new startup. Asking all the right questions, getting one’s personal life and career in order are essential for a new entrepreneur to succeed. And studies show that experienced CEOs with an independent coach succeed twice as often, and with better compensation, compared to those who do not.

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